Incredibly Large Glacier Calving Caught On Camera

Caters_NewsPublished: August 14, 2017229 views
Published: August 14, 2017

Nature is truly amazing. There are so many awesome things out there that you could almost never get bored by looking at it. One such amazing moment was created here in this video as this large glacier is caught on camera

This incredible footage shows the sheer scale of calving glaciers – a natural occurrence caused by the forward motion of a glacier making the end, or terminus, unstable. Fascinating to watch, the video shows giant chunks of ice falling from the glacier, crashing into the waters below.

It was a good thing that the people in this clip managed to document this all on video or else we might have missed something this spectacular. Nature works in mysterious ways and is very unpredictable. Maybe that is why we find it so interesting. Sometimes we just have to take a step out of the digital world and embrace the environment in around us. After all, your smartphone cannot offer the same experience that nature can!

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