Mysterious geoglyphs in Namibia, part one, circles in rocks

SpaceTrackPublished: March 9, 2017Updated: March 13, 2017483 views
Published: March 9, 2017Updated: March 13, 2017

As the name implies, the video will show the first part of three, about unexplored geoglyphs in Namibia, in the heart of the Southern part of the African continent.
The area with rocks at the surface, on the top of the rocks, there are ancient round notches cut out by an unknown method. Almost perfectly round to 5 meters in diameter and up to a meter in depth.
Very beautiful terrain and colorful landscape, you can see large standing, balancing boulders the size of a truck and weighing a thousand tons. These rounded stones are without doubt of natural origin. But there are also some mysterious traces of stone processing that are not found on other similar rock massifs in Namibia.

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