Mysterious Kelp forest amazes divers

cdngreenwaterdiverPublished: March 6, 2017Updated: March 7, 20172 views
Published: March 6, 2017Updated: March 7, 2017

These two divers, Brent and Elsa, are a couple, and dive buddies. They travelled from Vancouver BC to this incredible location on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Keystone Jetty dive park is in Fort Casey State park, and right beside the Keystone ferry terminal. This is a location that is incredibly live with sea life. The strong currents at times bring in large amounts of food for the many creatures from anemones, urchins, sea cucumbers, wolf eels and the many types of rock fish . There are even giants pacific octopus amongst the rocks of the jetty. These dives first experience here as they put it" was amazing" and has become one of their favourite locations to make into a weekend trip. If you love to dive, enjoy mass abundance of life, and are a cold water diver then this is a place to check out.

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