Helicopter Pilot Shows Amazing Skills Picking Up Transmission Tower

Published March 4, 2017 1,567 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeAn incredible footage has emerged showcasing the moment when a special helicopter picks up a massive transmission tower from an assembly yard with incredible ease. Watch as the talented pilot manages to pick up and carry away the heavy piece of metal like it is a piece of cake!

Footage shows the amazing moment when a pilot presents his amazing aircraft skills, as he manages to precisely calculate the situation, pick up the massive transmission tower and fly it out of site to the place where it needs to be installed on a base!

Watch as this hardworking pilot completes a successful job with the flying chopper. The helicopter can be seen approaching from a distance heading towards the transmission tower, which is lying on the ground. Using swift maneuvers, the talented pilot manges to gently pick up the tower and fly it to its base. Whatever they’re paying this pilot, it isn't enough for his impeccable skills!

The successful use of the transport helicopter is focused on the potentialities of this craft as a transport vehicle. With such successful operations in mind, a study was indicated of the feasibility of using a commercially available carrying transport helicopter for transmission-line maintenance and repair work. This concept is put in practice in this video!

Watching this helicopter pilot demonstrate incredible accuracy carrying a huge transmission tower and eventually lowering it onto its base to have it installed, makes us see driving on land like a piece of cake. Here is another video of a helicopter pilot joining two pieces of pylon together as if they were magnets!