Pregnant Couple Dance With Their Baby

Published March 2, 2017 711,297 Plays

Rumble / Caught DancingHere's one that is guaranteed to get you up and moving today! Gemma Marin and Israel Duffus show off their merengue dance moves with their daughter still in the womb. She's destined to be a great dancer! How adorable is that? You can already tell how happy of a family they are going to become once their daughter is born!

Whether you're a fan of Spanish music or not, it is definitely something that makes your head bob, your feet tap, and of course your hips move! Nothing like a little merengue to spread a little joy for a few minutes. You can only imagine how much fun the daughter will have with her parents once she is born.

Good for this pregnant lady to get up and stay active during her pregnancy. With another person growing inside of you, it can be difficult to find the motivation to do so. And kudos to the father-to-be for being there with her!

Check out this pregnant couple brighten your day with a merengue!

We hope that Gemma and Israel’s baby girl will turn out just like tiny Gigi! Gigi Valenti, a toddler from Brazil, is an amazing flamenco dancer and she shows off her moves to family and friends in this adorable clip. In flamenco shoes way too big for her tiny feet, sassy Gigi stomps away to the rhythm of the music, arm movements and all!


  • knotalibby, 2 years ago
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    • Snicker, 2 years ago

      You are exactly what’s wrong with society today. There should be a law to sterilize racist, igorant people, to prevent them from breeding more ignorance in this world.

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    • Bobbbbb, 2 years ago

      Sorry, it's not a "pregnant couple" unless the guy is also pregnant, which is a physical impossibility.

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    • Tiqueen22, 2 years ago

      Who cares about race or why they are together? They are two people who are dancing and seemingly in love and creating life. That's what with the HUMAN race. Too many lower level human beings who have hate and ignorance in their heart. Stop hating and start loving people the way you'd want people to love you and your family.... and to this couple, I wish you guys an eternity of happiness and love.

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      • Meadow, 2 years ago

        You tell them Tiqueen22 * This is nothing but a Happy Video * Gemma & Israel showing there Love & dancing with there unborn daughter * It just dumbfounds me the ignorance of people & how they make comments that do not even have anything to do with this Video * How they make it into Hate & the color of peoples skin * Just is simply nothing but pure ignorance * Anyways * Love is Love & they show it * I hope they make a video with there Daughter when she is born

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    • Meadow, 2 years ago

      First of all Gemma & Israel * I love your video * Please do not let the ignorance of others in there comments affect you in any way * This is a Wonderful video of Love & Happiness of you both waiting the arrival of your Precious Daughter * Thank you both for sharing this * It is Beautiful * I am excited for the both of you * I know there are thousands of babies born every day but to me * It is still a Miracle * I hope to see a Video of you both dancing with your Daughter when she arrives * Thank you both for sharing *** K ***

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    • Meadow, 2 years ago

      Just a Pure Simple Happy video showing nothing but LOVE & sharing that Love * Thank you Gemma & Israel

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    • AvisHolt1944, 1 year ago

      WHAT??? There was a pregnant lady in the video??? :O

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    • debdeb, 1 year ago

      I love this video!

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    • tochik, 1 year ago

      Просто КЛАСС!!!

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