This Cute Girl Can Dance The Flamenco Like A Pro

Published June 13, 2017 69,933 Plays

Rumble / Caught DancingThere’s a hidden talent lurking in every child, all the parents have to do is let it come to the surface. Be it sports, dancing or art, it is always a great idea to show abundance of support towards your little one when they show passionate dedication towards something.

This little girl seems to be made out of 100% pure sass! Gigi Valenti, a toddler from Brazil, is an amazing flamenco dancer and she shows off her moves to family and friends in this adorable clip. In flamenco shoes way too big for her tiny feet, sassy Gigi stomps away to the rhythm of the music, arm movements and all!

Her dad Daniel said: “She’s a little star. Her mum Adrianna danced flamenco until she was six months pregnant, and we took Gigi to her first shows when she turned two. She would take her mother’s shoes and dance everywhere in the house, especially in front of the mirror.” Now, every time the Valenti family receives guests, the tiny flamenco dancer would put on her skirt, shoes and fan and perform in front of everyone. Ole!

It is considered that the origin of the word “flamenco” comes from the Spanish word for “fire/flames”. This flamboyant dance is a professional art-form of the different musical traditions from the south of Spain.