Dad Confronts His Little Girl On The Mess, She Blames It All On Barbie

Published March 2, 2017 39,901 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsSomeone help this girl quick - her Barbie doll is possessed! But we will let you decide whether Barbie is the culprit or the victim in this hilarious showdown.

When dad found three-year-old Sophie’s Barbie all smothered in nail polish, he decided to confront the tot about it. You can tell right off that she is sorry about what has happened to her doll, plus she knows that she can’t do that inside the house. However, the tiny lady was quick to get up on her feet and she made up the most brilliant excuse for her actions.

“She told me to!" says Sophia with her eyes filled with tears and, being adamant about it, the adorable little girl adds: “She said it a hundred times! And I'd be saying no!"! Oh dear, we have the classic case of Annabelle the horror movie here!

Dad Joseph also points out that Sophie could have ruined her carpets and the blankets with the little <a href="" target="_blank">art project</a> , yet she insists that she knew it was a 'horrible idea' but her Barbie doll just wouldn't listen. Seeming to play along with the little tale spinner, Joseph asks Sophia: 'Well should you get in trouble or should your Barbies get in trouble?'

'All my dolls tell me that they want me to paint their nails!' yells Sophia, and when dad points out that she knows it's a bad idea she flashes with anger and insists: 'But they tell me to!' She will be the star of some horror flick and very soon.

We can see the headlines right now: “Sophia Nagorski Battles The Nail-polish-obsessed Barbie Doll In ‘Barbie Made Me Do It’!" It’s a nailbiter!

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