Fascinating Art Project Shows Paint Flowing Through Crevices In Human Skin

Published October 11, 2017 26 Views

Rumble For the purposes of this captivating art project, the artist uses the complexities of the human body as his canvas, filming paint in inconceivable macro detail as it streams through the crevices found in the skin.

Rus Khasanov, from Yekaterinburg, Russia, has suitably named his art project “Over Your Skin”. He uses luminous and glitter-permeated paints in the creation of his luminescent corporal rivers, which turn the human body into a delta of meandering riverbeds filmed from a close up.

Rus conceptualized and prepared for this project for more than three years. One of his inspirations for the project was found in his adversity to wearing latex gloves in the process of painting, which made Rus’ hands constantly stained with paint. As he looked at his hands one day, he realized that the colors blend and filled the crevices in his palm. Therefore, he wanted to film body parts which showed the most pronounced crevices in the skin, such as fingertips, lips and palms. In this way, the artist was able to explore the different patterns that emerge based on the area of the body they were found.

The actual making of the video was not an easy task, he had to combine macro shots and close-ups which are extremely sensitive to the smallest amount of movement from his subjects. Four months were needed for the completion of the project. The video you have the chance to see on the top of the page is just a piece. Enjoy!

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