Man Frees Shark From Fishing Line With Bare Hands

7 years ago

The sea can be a dangerous place for every kind of species out there. Yes, there are some very dangerous predators out in the water that are deadly to several species including humans, but that's not the only danger. With fishing being a popular pastime for several and a full time job for several more, some supplies are easily lost in the ocean. and they can make life hard for some creatures, just like this shark.

Here we have some words from one of the people in this video. "Myself and two of my buddies were at the beach fishing for jacks and blue fish while we saw a shark struggling in the surf. We realized it was wrapped around something and ran to see if we could help. At this point my buddy Adam jumped into the surf to rescue the blacktip shark. We then got the fishing line unwrapped from around the body and took the hook out of its jaw. Adam then released the shark and it swam off to live another day."

At the start of the clip, a man named Adam can be seen racing along the beach in an orange shirt. He reaches the object and hauls it out of the water with his bare hands as it flops about. It is a shark caught by a fishing line and it on the shore. We see how he hauls the shark out of the water as it flops about and another person removes the hook from the shark's mouth. The video later shows Adam dragging the shark on the beach and toward the water before watching it swim away.

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