Dog Abused And Left Paralyzed, Makes Miraculous Recovery

Khan is an recovery who had been beaten up and thrown away like a piece of garbage, left completely paralyzed. The evil this poor pooch is something all animal lovers would love to never hear about ever again, but with weeks of blood, sweat and tears he was able to have a second chance.

This is the story of Khan the Survivor. He had aged beautifully, with a softness about him that was unmistakeable. Who would want to hurt this creature, ‘man’s best friend’?

The giving and selfless people at Let’s Adopt Rescue Center were disgusted but determined to do all they could to nurse Khan back to health. Interestingly enough, the one thing Khan could do was wag his tail and look to his rescuers with hopeful eyes. How else does a dog say “please help me”? The staff at Let’s Adopt Rescue Center understood, and they took the only signs of strength as also being a sign of courage.

Khan was a fighter.

Khan was immediately hospitalized, treated, and given a whole new life in just a couple of weeks. After a full recovery, he's now able to move around, and with the love and care of his rescuers, he's about to start a new life in a new home. He deserves all the happiness in the world.

Stories like this one always return our faith in a better tomorrow.

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