Miraculous recovery of the "saddest" dog in the world

ViktorLarkhill Published November 2, 2016 184,486 Plays

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsFor months Merlin wandered empty fields and roads, trying to find something to eat and drink while his body crumbled.

With every passing day his condition worsened - most of his hair fell off, his skin thickened and oozed with infection. He was starving, losing his health, and his death was inevitable, but rescuers found him and didn't think for a minute to give up on him. So they took him to the vet, where he got proper care and treatment.
After weeks, he started gaining weight, and his overall appearance was getting better and better.
When you look at Merlin now, you just can't recognize the sick doggy who was fighting for his life! His transformation is unbelievable, and endlessly inspiring.