Mom Offers Baby A Treat If He Says "Mama", Dog Says It First

6 years ago

Baby’s first words is something spectacular and precious, but do you know what is even more amazing? How about a dog’s first words! This sweet dog is much smarter than he looks! He's able to ask his mom for food by name! What an amazing talent! Who would have thought a dog could speak like this? What we do know is that this is one video that you are not going to want to miss!

This mom tries to teach her baby boy to say “mamma” by offering him delicious food while his friend the dog sits next to him and gaze at the food eagerly. Dogs will do anything just to get food, any food, as long as it satisfies their appetite. The mother is persistent in her attempts to teach her son to say mamma and as much as she is resolved to hear the word, the dog is even more decided to get the food he loves after uttering the so-wanted word.

We can see that the baby opens and shapes his mouth in order to pronounce the word but to no avail. That’s why somebody else will upstage this tiny human friend and uses his tenacity and talent to get what he wants the best. At one moment, the dog can be clearly heard saying “mamma” instead of the kid! When the baby sees everybody is laughing at what the dog has just said, he gets jealous and angry and knocks the dog on his head because nobody can grandstand for mom’s attention but him.

Did this extraordinarily talented dog get his reward for what he did? We can only hope that he did, because he totally deserves his treat. Not just today, but any day after this one. It is not like we hear dogs talk every day. This happens once in a blue moon and his efforts must be rewarded properly.

We've all been there where we would do anything to get some food. It seems that this dog decided to tackle the impossible just to get some of that food and chose to speak! When dogs beg for food it is pretty easy to ignore, but can you ignore its plea when it speaks to you? As much as they beg for food, dogs really do make amazing companions as they produce funny and memorable moments such as this one! This is one video that this family and the rest of the internet will never forget!

Although this dog seems to be really hungry, he really does seem like a happy dog! Surely the owners take great care of him; taking him for long walks, playing with him and even giving him the best dog food when it is not begging for people’s food!

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