Clever Dog Waits For Green Light To Pass At Crosswalk

Published December 29, 2017 6,130 Plays $9.91 earned

Rumble Breaking the rules makes us feel adventurous and edgy. We all know that breaking said established rules means consequences of some sort, but most of us are willing to bear them if that means that it will make us look cool in the eyes of others.

Breaking some rules doesn’t bring much of a consequence to the rest of the world around you, but when it comes to traffic rules, one thing needs to be remembered! They are there for the benefit of all participants in traffic, to keep us safe and traffic running smoothly.

One of the rules that apply to traffic participants that gets broken easily on a daily basis are the traffic lights for pedestrians. Many pedestrians would often take the opportunity of cars beings far away from them to quickly run to the other side of the street.

What surprises us the most is how ordinary stray dogs are always able to respect the rule of a red light! You will never see a lone dog run across the street when the traffic light tells you to stay put! They might not understand human language, but they do understand body language and when they see us humans sit there on such conditions, they know they should too.

Seeing this pup wait for the light to turn green on a street in Sao Paulo, Brazil, made us feel slightly uncomfortable, because we can’t count the times when we also ran a red light. Shame on us humans and bravo for the puppers!