Smart Parrot Knows How To Crack Open Sunflower Seeds

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Published: February 13, 2017Updated: February 14, 2017

An adorable video has emerged of a smart parrot feeding on some seeds. Watch as the talented bird cracks open sunflower seeds, much to owner’s amusement. Gogo the parrot has learned how to enjoy sunflower seeds just like us human do, by cracking the shell open and spitting it out, while feasting on the yummy inside. Such a smart birdie!

This happy little fellow enjoys eating sunflower seeds on his own, much to our amusement. Watching this guy munch on sunflower seeds is pure delight to all of our senses. The bird is standing outside its cage and owner passes him a sunflower seed, which he politely accepts and demonstrates for the camera, how the shell is cracked open. What a smart guy!

Judging by their feeding routine, we are guessing this pet owner has developed a very close relationship with his parrot, having him eat straight from the hand. What an incredible bond!

Watch as this smart birdy presents us how sunflower seeds are eaten by cracking the shell open, in front of our eyes. It holds the seed in his beak and presses hard, so that the goody ends up in his belly, and the shell falls to the floor. It’s absolutely adorable.

While we are discussing pets who love to feast on sunflower seeds, check out this video of a little boy takes feeding animals to a whole different level. Rather than putting sunflower seeds in his hand and feeding a squirrel that way, he instead puts the seeds on his belly and invites the squirrel to tickle him! That’s one way to make it a win-win situation. The squirrel gets fed and the little boy gets tickled. Seems like a fair transaction, no? As soon as the little boy starts laughing, his dad and brother keep the fun going by pouring more seeds and inviting m
ore squirrels.

We all know that parrots prefer to eat seeds, tubers, corms, fruit, flowers and insects.
Judging by that fact, we can easily expect them to be masters of cracking seeds’ shells open. Well, despite of knowing this fact, we are still very much impressed by the impeccable technique this talented birdie displays in this video. Who knows, maybe the nutcracker is his favorite show, so he is picking up his new nickname.

Talking about birds, can you imagine what it must be like to live in Australia? With the continent being home to so many diverse breeds of exotic birds, all you have to do is buy a bag of bird feed and learn a bird call! Hopefully your balcony will be filled with a flock of king parrots too! They are so friendly, they just land on the hands of the girls and their father and eat right off!

In another video, we see a flock of majestic Australian Parrots from the wild Outback slowly fill this family’s balcony and eat out of the hands of a father and his two daughters in this magical clip. The father starts whistling a bird call and several moments later we see a small flock of King Parrots land on the roof, with a few descending on the father’s seed-filled palms, then on the older girl. Can you imagine all of these birds demonstrating the cracking of sunflower seeds’ shell simultaneously for the camera? That would be a lovely experience indeed!

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