Guy Catches Giant Sailfish In Palm Beach While Riding Kayak

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Published: January 30, 2017Updated: February 6, 2017

If you haven’t heard this before, it might come as a surprise to you that fishing is considered a sport. Why is it considered an athletic activity? Because, other than the rock-hard patience and the standing on your feet for hours while waiting for the perfect catch, it takes a lot of stamina to reel in a beast from the deep.

We have seen the baby seal taking a ride on a kayak, we saw a great white shark check out a kayak, but we have never seen someone reel in a giant sailfish in open sea, while on a kayak! That thing requires a lot of guts to perform, not to mention the incredible strength one has to have.

The man went to fish on his kayak in the Palm Beach area, with his trusty fishing rod and huge desire to reel in the catch of his life and boy, did he ever!

This man in the video had one such stunning fishing experience. He was hoping to pull out something smaller, but what he found was much more than that- a giant sailfish and by luck he recorded every minute of what went down.

As he turns around to see where his line is, the sailfish breeches the water in a glamorous display of natural beauty, while someone on a boat in the back shouts their disbelief of what is going on. Eventually, the fisherman pulls the fish closer to his boat, the beast smacking the watercraft with its strong tail in vain.

When he pulled that thing out of the water, all we could do is let our jaws drop, because wow!

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