Adorable maestro orchestrates subway performers in Istanbul

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Published: January 27, 2017

Now this is an absolutely priceless moment! Watch as a "little maestro" joins in on a subway performance in a station in Istanbul, Turkey. She joins in on the act, and ends up directing the performers and it turns out to be the sweetest thing ever. You can see her dancing around while waving the baton all over the place to instruct the band to stop and begin consistently over and over again. Isn't she just the sweetest?

A child's mind, so pure and free. You definitely wouldn't see a random adult jumping into the performance and take control, unless scripted that is. This little girl, without a care in the world, freely just marches her way in, and confidently does her thing. And adorably too. Good on the performers too go along with her.

Everyone just wants to have fun. Look at how much fun that the girl, the performers, and more importantly, the crowd is having. Happiness is contagious, and nothing like an energetic little girl to kick off the domino effect.

Check out this little girl steal the show!

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