Adorable Maestro Orchestrates Performers In Subway Station

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Published: January 27, 2017Updated: February 7, 2018

Now, this is an absolutely priceless moment! Watch as a "little maestro" joins in on a subway performance in a station in Istanbul, Turkey. She joins in on the act, ends up directing the performers and it turns out to be the sweetest thing ever. You can see her dancing around while waving the baton all over the place to instruct the band to stop and begin consistently over and over again. Isn't she just the sweetest?

With the flick of her wand and the pluck on the strings of the instruments, an ordinary day turned into an impromptu art performance for the people who found themselves on that subway station that day. It is a simple concert hall, filled with smiles, laughter, and joy. It is just further proof that nothing can bring random people so close together as the gift of music and the innocence of a child.

These men probably never get this much attention from their public, but on this day all eyes were on them and their miniature maestro.

We have to tip our hats to these fellas, acknowledging the girl’s enthusiasm and going along with it. It is like they have an instant connection, right then and there. Usually, we take these musicians for granted, but this girl knew they needed someone to see them and that is what she did.


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