Watch These Musicians Busk on Their Paddleboards and Perform Inside a Cave

Storyful Published May 27, 2017 941 Plays

Rumble <a href="" target="_blank">Francois Colussi</a>, the owner of Dublin-based watersports company <a href="" target="_blank">Pure Magic Watersports</a>, shared a pair of videos of a man paddling around the canals and caves of Dugort, Ireland, on April 18 and 19, to hear musicians perform.

Colussi appears to be the man in the videos, judging by his comments on Facebook alongside each of them. One video shows the man paddling into a cave from which music plays and discovers a group of people sitting in front of a fire, listening to the tunes. The other video shows two men, one playing guitar and the other playing accordion, standing on their paddleboards, apparently busking for other paddleboarders in transit.

It’s worth stating again that Colussi is the owner of the company and the “spontaneous” nature of how both musical activities are discovered in the videos is quite likely staged.