Playful Kittens Help Owner Make The Bed

ViralHogPublished: January 16, 2017684 plays$1.38 earned
Published: January 16, 2017

We love them to bits, sometimes quite literally! We love to pet them and squeeze them and the way they wake us up in the morning and how they leave their hair everywhere...wait, scratch that last bit. We actually don’t want cat hair everywhere. But no matter how hard we try, our cat buddies will always go where they want to, especially if the sun shines perfectly, right on that spot where you freshly pressed blouse was laid out for you to get dressed for work in the morning. Or on the fluffy white duvet.

With sphynx cats, there is no cat hair. Still, that doesn’t mean that a sphynx won’t behave just like any other cat would, when you try and do your chores. Like, for example, when you try and fix the bed in the morning.

Have you ever tried fixing your med with your cat around? It is all fun and games and first, she is cute and playful. But it will get boring after a while. What is it about cats and bed sheets?

Any way, here we get to see what it looks like to have a litter of no less than ten sphynx kittens, all of them eager to play with the waves created by the fluffy of the bed sheets. They swarm their owner’s bed, creating what looks like a fun little obstacle for this chore. Just because they don’t leave hair everywhere doesn’t mean this stays fun forever though.

Still, think about it - this might just be their way of loving their human!

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