This Is A Cat's Guide To Loving A Human

coleandmarmaladePublished: February 7, 201891 views
Published: February 7, 2018

We might like to think that our feline companions aren’t our companions at all. They are tiny little tyrants disguised as these furballs with the intention to fool us into bowing to their every whim. But in all honesty, our cats really do love us, meagre humans. How do cats show love to their owners? Here's Cole and Marmalade's guide to loving a human! 💗

They make sure we always make up right on time for work, meaning they will scream at our bedroom door for food. “Get up, hooman, it’s breakfast time!”

They serenade us while we prepare their food. Cats know that life is boring without music and the only way they know how to make music is by meowing, constantly and obsessively. Until the kibble is served.

Cats also protect us from bugs. Even when we can’t see them, know that when your cat’s eyes are set on something on the tall end of the wall, there is afoe there, just waiting to pounce. A jump and a swat later, you are safe and your cat comes for a congratulatory pet.

Our cats also make sure they we always look presentable. They will lick us with their brush-like tongues until every last rogue hair on our heads is in its rightful place.

Our felines know how to appreciate art, so they do their very best to create some exceptional piece whenever they can. Their tools always wary, one day it is a roll of toilet paper, the next, who knows? There is a little pawcasso in every one of them!

They know how much we hate chores, but have to do them, so they make sure to add a bit of fun to them. Making the bed? Not a problem, as your cat will jump all over your covers until it is certain you had your workout for the day.

Cats know that idle hands are the devil’s workshop, so they do their best to keep us busy at all times. And if they sense that you have been keeping busy with some other cat, they will mark their territory - profusely!

Lastly, when they see you come back from wherever you went, they will greet you, kiss you and hug you and drool over you, just like a puppy. They just don’t have to be taken outside.


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