Bricklayer's Unbelievable Technique Gets the Job Done in Seconds

7 years ago

When it comes to laying down bricks, this guy doesn't mess around! Everybody, meet Kyaal. Slacking on the job is not an option for him, as he stack over 90 bricks in a minute! He seems quite undisturbed by the camera as he grabs four bricks in each hand and stacks them as if they were LEGOs or something similarly innocent! Those things are heavy! Filmed in Essex, UK, we see Kyaal assembling a brick driveway with impeccable speed and precision. He lays eight bricks ease and then turns around to grab four more in each hand, like it was some sort of workman's ballet! You can recognize a true professional by how they do what they do best! Years of work and experience leads you to learn and perfect a certain skill that makes you indispensable in your line of work! Manual labor can be very hard and in most corners of the world it is underappreciated. Executing your thing to perfection makes you stand out, which then lets you choose the best job for you! That is one man who really loves what he does!

People who have seen this video have commented on his lack of lumbar protection, seeing how he is hunched over those stacks and doesn't even rise up to rest. Others were so impressed by his skill, that it made them want to become bricklayers too! Kyaal is so immersed into the bricklaying job that he doesn’t even take a breath while he is doing it. No matter how much strenuous it may seem, he makes the most of his job - like he has poured his all imagination into the process and it is just simmering and simmering until we see the final result. The swiftness of his movements only proves that he is a real professional and he knows what he is doing. It is like Kyaal is competing with his better self and set his own record of laying bricks as quickly and meticulously as possible. No sooner he has wasted one stack of bricks, he rushes to pick the other one and go on with the activity. He looks more like he has found his perfect hobby than the fact that he is a paid worker. The driveway is being pieced together like one huge puzzle and the workmanship of this guy resembles a passionate child who has come to know the game of playing with Lego blocks .

If you give a kid a box of basic LEGO bricks and you are likely to see him play attentively for hours. LEGO and other simple blocks and construction toys facilitate kid-directed recreation - the opportunity to play without structure, to build and take apart as necessary. For a kid furnished with a big box of blocks or basic bricks there are no directions, no mistakes and no external goals. While kids may want to construct a house or castle, the goal is simply in their mind and may change over the course of play. Kyaal and children playing with Lego share the quality of being engaged in a form of an open-ended play in which the specific outcome is not imposed on them and, instead, they dictate their own pace and process.

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