Aligned Bricks Fall Perfectly Into Place In A Satisfying Domino Effect

Published December 24, 2016 228,769 Views $636.13 earned

This is the curious moment when a row of precisely-spaced bricks fall perfectly into place thanks to a perfect domino effect. Watch and be amazed as stone workers in Teralba, New South Wales, Australia, have mastered their masonry skills to perfection, managing to finish an entire wall capping in few seconds! Simply amazing!

Footage shows the satisfying moment when a wall capping is performed in only seconds by creating a well-calculated domino followed by a reverse domino effect to finish a stone wall capping in no time. It is amazing how the witty workers came up with a genius idea to successfully cap a stone wall with only one push of a brick, tilting the bricks to the right with the first domino effect, followed by a reverse domino effect to align the bricks on top of the wall to mere perfection. Magic in its finest!

These workers have perfected the process of capping, i.e. creating a protective top surface for a wall structure. The trick is that the bricks are aligned so that when they topple, the top overlaps the bottom of the brick in front, and once all the bricks are knocked over, the last brick lays completely flat. How satisfying to watch!

We give you the quickest technique for aligning bricks, i.e. for letting bricks align for you, while you sit back and relax, while enjoying the overly satisfying process! Another brick in the wall you say? Amazing!

Watching dominoes fall into place is like witnessing magic for the first time. You try to anticipate the outcome, but nothing beats the final result. The blocks fall into place and you see that all the effort you’ve put into aligning them was worth it. This is just so aesthetically pleasing!

Who said that construction has to be tiring and boring all the time. These fellas prove you different by showing how work can sometimes do itself. They have found a very interesting way in which they get the job done along with continuously amusing themselves. So, the blocks have been placed upright which certainly looks weird to begin with. As the worker pushes the first one they take one after the other to tumble done to push into place as the row comes back around. It might sound confusing but go ahead take a look as it will become very clear.

This construction crew in Australia wasn’t even trying to impress anyone. This is, what they say, a standard procedure, they just happened to film it. How satisfied does this make you? Intentional or not, way to go guys!

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