Every Time Dad Tells A Deer Joke Baby Bursts Into Tears

Published January 12, 2017 13,886 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsHave you ever heard a joke that was so bad that it made you cry? Well this little tot just did! Unfortunately for this little baby, his dad just told the worst joke that he's ever heard! The joke was apparently bad enough that it made the baby cry! Twice! That's one way to let your dad know that he shouldn't be a comedian!

Everybody has a different taste and comedy is a very subjective issue, but some jokes are always so bad that it literally make you cry. At least, that is what this sweet little baby thinks for his dad’s deer joke. Hilarious!

Meet baby Miles who doesn’t fancy his father’s humor. Footage shows Miles hanging out in his high chair with his parents when dad decides to tell him a classic joke. “Hey Miles,” dad says, “What do you call a deer with no eyes?” Miles just blinks at him, waiting for the punchline. “I have no I-deer”, says father and for a second it looks like Miles is actually going to laugh at the silly joke that dad threw.

Moments later, his face collapses into a classic crying baby face. He leans over, seemingly unable to stay upright because he’s so upset by the joke. Shame on you daddy! Judging by his reaction, Miles seems to have been personally insulted by dad’s goofiness! When mom and dad manage to soothe little Miles’s hurt feelings, and got him smiling once again, dad decided to give it another try and repeated the joke.

Dad, you really push your luck. Trying the same joke again won’t work with this deer-sensitive baby! Maybe a career in stand up comedy is not for you daddy, Miles speaks through tears.