Adorable Baby Girl Laughs Uncontrollably At Dad's ‘Poo’ Joke

StoryfulPublished: May 31, 20171,151 views
Published: May 31, 2017

A heartwarming video has emerged featuring a baby girl laughing to tears after hearing daddy’s joke. This adorable nine-month-old baby girl is blessed with an infectious laugh and, apparently, very productive bowels. After completing four “poos” in one day, she’s cracking up at dad’s ‘poo’ joke and her laughter is downright infectious!

Watch as this adorable baby starts laughing uncontrollably after dad makes a ‘poo’ joke based on her productive bowels. It is as if this cheeky girl understood the joke and immediately cracked up to daddy’s humor. This video is guaranteed to brighten your day and send you off laughing with tears!

Watching this baby girl share an infectious laugh at daddy’s joke it sure cracked a smile on our face. Watch as this adorable daddy’s little princess keels over with laughter and affection for her daddy. These two share an incredible father-daughter bond!

We've all had a moment with our little ones where the laughter just doesn't stop and deep down you actually have no idea what they're really laughing at. The same goes for this giggly princess who finds her dad absolutely hilarious!

While playing with her dad, this little girl got a fit of the uncontrollable giggles and made for this funny clip. Every time her dad throws in a random joke, the baby girl suffocates in giggles. This daddy must be very proud for caused his daughter to laugh hysterically to tears!

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