Lucky Snorkelers Are Joined By A Playful Sea Lion Pup

Published January 11, 2017 98,691 Views $102.04 earned

Rumble How often does a wild animal approach a group of humans visiting its natural habitat? If we judge by the amount of clips circling the Internet, apparently a lot. Nonetheless, that fact doesn’t take away from the magic of the moment when it happens to anyone around the world, no matter the habitat.

In this incredible clip, a group of snorkelers were joined by a very curious and playful seal pup. Not only did the animal join itys human visitors for a swim, but it proceeded to climb up their backs, nibble at their goggles and kiss them on the mouths! With audible smooching sound too!

The humans all giggle, as they watch the pup swim from one snorkeler to the other, as if it is inviting them to play tag or something. It has to be something truly remarkable to experience!

Seals have been known to catch free rides on people’s kayaks every now and then. Usually, it is because of a perceived threat from a predator somewhere in the water. Surprisingly, a seal’s number one enemy isn’t a shark, it is a killer whale!

The South American sea lion is found along the coasts and offshore islands of South America, from Peru south to Chile in the Pacific and then north to southern Brazil in the Atlantic. It travels north during the winter and spring and goes south to breed. Notable breeding colonies include Lobos Island, Uruguay; Peninsula Valdes, Argentina; Beagle Channel, and the Falkland Islands. Some individuals wander as far north as southern Ecuador, although apparently they never bred there.

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