Pup Joins The Mealtime Prayer

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Published: January 10, 2017

This viral video doesn’t start like any other. We see a family sitting around the dinner table, about to enjoy their meal. It is an excellent time for the family to bond. This is one very diverse and devoted family and you can see it in the clip.

We hear the mother inviting the rest of the family to say their grace and the camera pans around the dining room, showing the rest of the family members bowing their heads in prayer. As the camera turns, it stops to show the family’s Jack Russell Terrier dog, sitting like an equal member on the table and holding his hands in prayer. That is just so sweet!

We think that it is just the way this JRT is trying to show he’s part of this pack, by mimicking the other members. All pet dogs observe what their owners are doing and evaluate whether or not this behaviour will be useful for them. It seems that this doggy knows that prayer time means dinner time!

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