Dad fills bowl with food. Now watch what this puppy does before eating.

ChrisCredendinoPublished: March 23, 2016Updated: March 24, 20164,211,561 views
Published: March 23, 2016Updated: March 24, 2016

How adorable is this? You definitely don't see a puppy this young be trained this well everyday! Kahlua, an 11-week-old purebred yellow Lab, knows that he needs to give thanks before enjoying his delicious meal. Watch him pray with his owner right before eating dinner!

Watch as this puppy knows exactly what to do as soon as his bowl is filled up with his food. Have you ever seen something like this before? This adorable act is enough to warm up anyone's heart! They call it puppy love, and this puppy loves to pray before he eats! How adorable!

Puppies are probably one of the most adorable things on the planet. Everything they do is just a giant "awe" moment. This is definitely one of those moments.

Check out this adorable dog praying before he eats.

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  • 1 rumble
    debdeb · 1 year ago

    Awwww. How sweet :)

    • 1 rumble
      yomama820nunya · 1 year ago

      Beau tiful!

      • 1 rumble
        darnellg1 · 1 year ago

        That was so sweet

        • 1 rumble
          Clayball · 1 year ago

          Very special

          • 1 rumble
            Snoops27 · 6 weeks ago

            What a load of BS. Who is it thanking, exactly. Animals are the only sensible sentient life forms on this planet, worshipping the god FOOD.