This Cool Cat Likes To Take Horseback Rides In The Snow

7 years ago

An unusual friendship has formed between Rita the horse and Lemur the cat. Watch as Lemur goes for a ride on Rita's back.

Rita is known for her friendships with other animals on her owners’ property that are not horses. Previously we have told you of her adorating for Balu the Shiba Inu dog. In another video, we get to see Rita chase her canine best friend around the property and it is the most carefree thing we have seen animals do so far.

The relationship between a cat and a horse might be a bit advantageous, but it still pretty cute. We all know what a cat loves in this world - a full food bowl and a nice, soft and warm place to nap. Nothing qualifies more about the latter than a horse's back, especially when it is so cold outside, it freezes the horse’s whiskers into icicles!

The only time we have seen a cat actually do something on the back of a horse is when we saw Dude the cat join his young human for a miniature horseback ride! It sounds like it could be the main act in some circus show, but it is not! This bold little black cat decided that he really wanted to go for a ride in the New Jersey snow. So after a generous invitation from his loving human sister, Dude climbed upon the back of a very accommodating miniature horse named Gallant and joined his young human.

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