Cat Joins Girl For A Miniature Horseback Ride

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Published: January 4, 2018

It sounds like it could be a main act in some circus show, but it is not! One bold little black cat named Dude decided that he really wanted to go for a ride in the New Jersey snow.

So after a generous invitation from his loving human sister, Dude climbed upon the back of a very accommodating miniature horse named Gallant and joined his young human. This isn’t the first time this happened and in fact some improvements have been made.

The little girl seems to be quite adept at the sport of horseback riding, and it seems she is very much into teaching Dude the cat the same. The girl has been practicing with Gallant for quite some time and has taught him to trot and canter. In the future, she plans to teach him to jump and barrel race.

We are not all that interested in the horse’s skills, though. We are completely interested into the cat’s horse riding skills! Cats hate being on unstable grounds, so if this were any other feline, they would have jumped off the horse at first gallop.

But not Dude, no sirree! The tom sits of the back of the horse, while the little human demonstrates her pony’s abilities. It might look like he is about to slide right off any moment, but Dude holds his ground, or should we say, tail, like a true jockey!

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