Teen Surprises Mom By Cutting Off 9-Year-Old Dreadlocks, She Takes One Look At Him And Starts To Cry

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsThis is Max. Max loved his long, well-kept dreadlocks. But we all know hair – it grows and grows until you start looking like the lead character from Tangled. Being just in his early teens, all the friends and members of his family know Max with that typical dreadlocks look, a sort of a trademark for him and they couldn't even imagine how he would look with short hair. Not that anyone would expect a change.

Well, this is precisely what Max did – a more than radical change of hairstyle.

Even though the dreadlocks Max had were exceptionally well kept and a point of envy, he decided to cut them off. One family member, in particular, had a secret wish for him to do so – after years and years of growing, Max’s mother had a heartfelt desire to see her son’s hair neatly trimmed. Being the beautiful son that he is, he made a plan to fulfill her wish.

In this video, you can see all the stages of the dreadlocks removal. One by one, the long dreads are removed and a new, shiny young face blasts in front of your very eyes.

The most priceless of-of all is mom’s reaction to Max’s transformation. She opens the door, fully unprepared to see the new edition, Max! Observe, we don’t want to spoil your moment of re-living the event in synchrony with his mother.

Maximillian and his child Jordan furtively chose to chop off and shave his hair for the absolute first time. Melanie had no clue that when she arrived home, Jordan would welcome her at the entryway resembling an utterly extraordinary child. Her response is entirely precious. She's stunned to the point that she separates in tears!

The next day, Maximillian took Jordan to "the most stunning stylist around the local area" so he could get his first blur hairstyle. What a cool change! The best piece of the video is seeing his mother meeting him out of the blue after his haircut. It's incredibly enthusiastic, so get out your tissues because this video will make all of you burst into tears!

It’s incredible to see how this kid did everything to make his mom happy because parents know that the biggest happiness in their lives is their kids!

What we can only advise you is – remember to breathe and make sure you have some tissues nearby. And lots of them!

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