This Neglected Dog Looks Incredible After Three-Hour Transformation

6 years ago

Life on the street is a terrible way to live, no matter who you are. Logically, when you are a pup, left to your own devices, it can be pretty scary, especially when you depend on someone’s care and support. Loads of dogs walk the streets of the world, hoping someone would take them in.

Naturally, when one good Samaritan found a dog that looked disheveled, all covered in dreads and mats, they called the good folk at the Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort and Shelter (CARES). The poor pooch was just looking for some tender love and affection, but they knew that something had to be done to improve the dog’s life and fast.

When the rescuers brought the frightened dog to the shelter, the groomers were shocked at the condition he was in. An estimated four and a half pounds of matted fur was covering his tiny frame and weighing him down with dirt. Before they could find a decent home for this bundle of joy, the dog needed a makeover and stat!

Sheers in hand, the groomers got to work. The mats were dropping from the doggy’s body like stones, revealing a wonderful pattern underneath. The poor pup was in so much pain, they had to muzzle him to keep everyone safe. When they were done, he turned from a bunch of knots and dreads to a loving puppy! What a transformation! The shelter asked their Facebook fans for name suggestions, ultimately settling down on Rags. He now looks like anything but!

These kinds of videos should be a big lecture to everyone whether you are a dog owner, you are planning to adopt a dog or just a person who will learn from these kinds of videos. Pets have souls and hearts, they are living creatures, and they are not toys.

If you don’t have the conditions or the financial support to own a dog, we suggest not to have one just to say that you are a dog owner. Imagine a family once loved this dog, and when they couldn’t care about them, they throw them on the streets.

Dogs don’t deserve that. They deserve to be loved and cherish. They deserve a roof over their head, hot meals and lots and lots of hugs and kisses. Please consider that and inform yourself before you adopt a dog as a pet. Dogs deserve all the best because they are the best!

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