Boxer wants to take a rain check on bath time - fakes being "tired"

Amilou2Published: December 28, 2016Updated: June 13, 20181,726,314 views
Published: December 28, 2016Updated: June 13, 2018

A hilarious footage has emerged of a stubborn pooch protesting bath time. Mylo the Boxer doesn't seem too interested in taking a bath, so when owner suggests it is time to hit the shower, he hides and tries to avoid having any contact with water!

Footage shows how he turns his head in protest, hoping that owner cannot see him, but she knows what he is up to! As she confronts him, he slowly turns his head. She tells him to go down the stairs, but he still doesn't budge! He shows the cutest puppy eyes and pretends he is tired! This little guy is definitely very stubborn!

He continues to turn his head thinking he can't be seen but of course his owner can see every single inch of him! So hilarious! She tells him there’s a cat in the bath and it quickly gets his attention but he still doesn't move!

Eventually, he decides to go down the stairs and it looks like he's finally ready to get in the water, but false alarm, he immediately takes a quick turn and heads right back up the stairs! He definitely does not like to take a bath any time soon.

Someone really hates bath time! This is the hilarious reaction this Boxer had when owner announced it is time to hit the shower and remove the stench. Owner tells the pooch that it is time to take a shower but he really doesn't want to go and pretends like he doesn’t understand. He is not like the Huskies and does not start to verbally argue back, but he sure does walk in the opposite direction of the bathroom.

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      mrluckydoodle · 1 year ago

      I love this video!! Mylo's absolutely adorable and his mom is wonderful, ...I can relate to whats involved with getting them into the bath, lol...Our amazing pups have us very well trained, don't they? I wouldn't change it for the world!

      • 1 rumble
        Amilou2 · 1 year ago

        Aww thank you for your lovely comment.. I wouldn't change them either :)