Diver Puts Shark In Trance To Remove Hook From Its Mouth

Published December 19, 2016 8,541 Views

Rumble We have seen so many videos where mere humans come out to help hapless animals in dire circumstances. Deer have been untangled from wire fencing, turtles were rescued from fishing nets… but we have never seen a diver approach one of the most dangerous creatures of the sea to help it out. Until now.

One brave diver puts his hands next to the mouth of a dusky shark to remove a fishing hook, but not before hypnotizing the predator. The footage shows experience diver Michael Dornellas coming to the aid of the shark off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.

The technique he uses is called “tonic immobility”, which allows Michael to shove his hand into the 10 foot shark and remove the hook from its mouth. It is quite common to see a shark swimming with a hook in its mouth in the waters around Florida, as fishermen catch them for sport and then release them, with the hook intact. Since they are stainless steel, it can take years for them to rust and human intervention is necessary.

The 32-year-old explains that this is never 100% safe; nothing guarantees your safety when you are swimming with predators. "I’ve seen hooks work their way back, cutting open the jaws of the shark,” he said.

The self-employed diver has been swimming with sharks for years and currently teaches people about them. He hopes that the clip will educate people that sharks aren’t the vicious killing machines that Hollywood likes to portray them as.

Videographer / Director: Speared Apparel
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters