Deer Gets Rescued On Christmas Day After Antlers Get Stuck In Fence

Published January 2, 2018 3,962 Views

Rumble Whether it was a Christmas miracle or just one too many cups of eggnog, we can’t tell. What we do know is that when one family found a deer with his antlers tangled up in a rope on their fence, they knew they just couldn’t let the poor animal stay there.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service were called on site to rescue the deer at 9am on Christmas Day morning in a field behind Buxted Court. The deer was seen struggling to free itself from a wire fence, and the rescuers claim there was a small herd of females who were with the deer, worried and wondering why he couldn’t get free.

The footage shows the deer frantically trying to free himself, forcefully trying to launch itself away from the fence.The footage makes it evident that it is the antlers that have created the problem here. In the distance a few females can be seen, patiently waiting for their stag.

Rescuer Trevor Weeks, from Uckfield, said: “We could see the deer had been caught for some time and was clearly very stressed and tired. Luckily the deer had no injuries and the rope was quickly and efficiently removed using cutting equipment.

“Looking at the markings on the floor and the state of the deer, it was obvious the deer had been caught since the early hours of the morning.”
When finally released, the deer darted towards the end of the property and jumped over the wooden fence. In all that excitement, he gets stuck again, although it was far easier to set himself loose. What a rescue it would have been then!

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