Elephant Saves Baby Calf From Drowning In River

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Published: December 5, 2016

A female elephant rescues her baby from drowning in Sabah, Borneo. A mother elephant calls on her family to help get her calf up a steep muddy riverbank in Sabah, Borneo on August 3. When it proved too difficult to do alone the mother called on two other females for assistance and between them they got the baby to safety.

There’s a term “elephant mom", which means that a mother was overprotective of her children. The origin of the term is well justified - female elephants are very nurturing and protective of their young.

The motherly instinct in elephants is so strong, that other females in a herd have been known to rally to the aid of a mother to protect her calf. Elephant moms are quick to intervene whenever their babies are in any kind of danger. They show some serious parental skills and shower their babies with lot of affection.

Watch how the mother uses her trunk to help the little calf climb through the muddy bank, pushing it uphill. Elephants are born with these maternal instincts and this is not the only case of calf rescue. This amazing duo presented great team work skills and quickly brought baby calf out of the water. It is nice to always an elephant to watch your back!

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