Elephants Stage Dramatic Rescue Of A Drowning Calf

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Published: June 21, 2017

Elephant mother got the fright when her baby named Hope fell into a pool at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea on June 18th. The footage recorded by the zoo shows the curious one-year-old elephant getting close to the water’s edge and accidentally slipping in after losing balance.

The elephant calf was struggling to get out of the pool, and that’s when the two adult elephants, described as the calf’s mom and aunt, came to the rescue.

Unable to reach the calf with their trunks, then stepped into the pool and carefully guided the panicking baby elephant to safety. Thanks to the quick, collected thinking, the baby trunk was left unharmed.

A third adult elephant can be seen in the video running back and forth in a separate enclosure, clearly alarmed by the situation.

Fortunately, the baby elephant was not actually drowning, because when elephants swim, they put their trunk out of the water and continue to breathe.

Elephants never forget to take care of their own, and this swift rescue of a drowning elephant should serve as a lesson in pool safety that these giants need to remember.

Let's hope that baby Hope will stop giving unpleasant surprises to his loving family and test their speed.

Credit: YouTube/Seoul Grandpark via Storyful

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