Elephants Save A Drowning Calf Who Fell Into The Pool

StoryfulNews Published June 21, 2017 8,276 Plays

Rumble Elephant mother got the fright when her baby named Hope fell into a pool at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea on June 18th. The footage recorded by the zoo shows the curious one-year-old elephant getting close to the water’s edge and accidentally slipping in after losing balance.

The elephant calf was struggling to get out of the pool, and that’s when the two adult elephants, described as the calf’s mom and aunt, came to the rescue.

Unable to reach the calf with their trunks, then stepped into the pool and carefully guided the panicking baby elephant to safety. Thanks to the quick, collected thinking, the baby trunk was left unharmed.

A third adult elephant can be seen in the video running back and forth in a separate enclosure, apparently alarmed by the situation.

Fortunately, the baby elephant was not drowning, because when elephants swim, they put their trunk out of the water and continue to breathe.

Elephants never forget to take care of their own, and this swift rescue of a drowning elephant should serve as a lesson in pool safety that these giants need to remember.Let's hope that baby Hope will stop giving unpleasant surprises to his loving family and test their speed.

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. They are well-known for living in matriarchal female-led social groups and they are the most beloved animals in the world and the largest land animals.

Just like every mom, elephants mom will do everything for their children, they love them, protect them and will be there for them no matter what. Just check out the quick reaction of the mother and the aunt. We are totally amazed by elephants!
Mother elephants make the best mothers of all the animals kingdoms and we will tell couple of reasons that will convince you that they are truly remarkable example of a caring mother!
First of all,they carry their babies for two years before they give birth! And after they give birth to their babies, they make sure that they are always safe, they eat the best food and they teach them how to lead the herd.

If a baby elephants is an orphan, another mother elephant will accept that baby as her own child and will make sure that baby will get the perfect care, food, milk and all the love that baby needs.

Another thing is that elephant mothers are the best teachers. They will teach them how to find food, how to protect themselves from predators and how to navigate steep embankments.
Also, they are great leaders. During times of drought, elephants will lead their herd to a location where there is food, because they will remember the location if they were on the location years ago.

They may look huge and forcing, yet elephant mothers are in reality the absolute best mothers in the set of all animals. The enormous softies do everything from nursing for a considerable length of time to remaining nearby to their children forever.

Elephant mothers… they're much the same as us.

Credit: YouTube/Seoul Grandpark via Storyful