Extreme Plane Landing Into Gibraltar Airport

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Rumble This is probably the toughest airport to land a plane in! First of all, we would like to warn all the nervous flyers that this is not a video for them because this video is a little bit terrifying. One of the toughest airports to land a plane it is the airport in Gibraltar.

When the wind comes from a particular direction it hits the Rock and causes up and downdrafts on the approach, which can mean wind shear. It is so tricky that only one pilot is allowed to land there.

Info from Licensor: "I went out to record this because there were heavy crosswinds. Whenever this happens, planes landing in Gibraltar have a hard time because the wind comes around the rock and throws them off course.

On this occasion, he was fortunate to land but most times in this weather, planes get diverted to Malaga, Spain, which is the nearest airport, although in another country. Easyjet tried to land but was unable to do so due to the weather and had to divert to Malaga airport (AGP). Later that afternoon British Airways and Monarch Airlines managed to land as the wind had calmed down."

This video was filmed on November 21, 2016, Gibraltar International Airport, Gibraltar. Wow, imagine being on that plane. That must have been scary for both the passengers and the pilot too.

Gibraltar International Airport (in the past known as North Front Airport) fills in as the air transport connection to the city of Gibraltar. The air terminal was set up in 1939 amid World War II as a crisis arrival base for the British Navy.

The air terminal is situated at the focal point of Gibraltar and serves around 300,000 travelers for every annum. It is claimed by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom and is worked by the Government of Gibraltar. It is utilized for both non-military personnel and military activities. It likewise fills in as Gibraltar's Royal Air Force (RAF) base. Another global terminal was opened at the air terminal in September 2012. It was structured by blur engineering in a relationship with 3D Reid.

Being a pilot is not an easy job. It takes intelligence, courage, and quick-thinking. Because not everything goes as planned. Just take a look at this crazy scenario. This passenger films landing mishap from inside the plane and it seems like this one was a close call!
The landing gear of a Flybe aircraft collapsed during touchdown at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on February 23. The flight was arriving from Edinburgh when it came down heavy on the runway during strong winds.

This video is a combination of two posted on Twitter by a passenger, and it shows the moment the aircraft hit the runway, as well as the passenger speaking outside the plane once he got off. In separate statements, the British airline Flybe and Schiphol Airport said no injuries were reported, and passengers were brought to the terminal shortly after by bus.