Passenger Films Landing Mishap From Inside The Plane

StoryfulPublished: February 23, 2017234,227 views
Published: February 23, 2017

The invention of aviation is something that is truly amazing. It allows us to access parts of the world that we would never dream of ever going if aviation was not invented. As awesome as it can be, there are a lot of people that find flying scary. It seems that one such scary moment was captured here in the clip as this plane is forced to make a crash landing.

The landing gear of a Flybe aircraft collapsed during touchdown at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on February 23. The flight was arriving from Edinburgh when it came down heavy on the runway during strong winds. This video is a combination of two posted on Twitter by a passenger and it shows the moment the aircraft hit the runway, as well as the passenger speaking outside the plane once he got off. In separate statements, the British airline Flybe and Schiphol Airport said no injuries were reported, and passengers were brought to the terminal shortly after by bus.

That was one close call. Good thing no one was injured in this incident as it could have been a lot worse than it was. Flying can be really scary, but it is actually very safe to fly. Most planes are equipped to deal with situations like these so there is really nothing to worry about!

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