Overly-Excited Dancing Mule Slips On Wet Mud And Falls Down

ValerieStafford Published November 2, 2016 62,889 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been so excited about one thing or another that we’ve actually embarrassed ourselves. In this hilarious footage we witness the adorable moment when a joyous mule gets too excited and starts jumping around the stable enclosure, dancing in circles which eventually sends the happy mule flying on the ground after she accidentally slips on the mud and falls to the ground! However, this unfortunate incident doesn’t stop the mule from moving her happy feet, and the little baby continues to jump for joy! Cuteness overload!

Meet Raven, the cute eight-weeks-old temperament mule who loves dancing around in her stable enclosure. As any other baby animal, she’s slowly but surely getting the gist of things and can’t contain her happiness about it. The world is her oyster and it seems that for now she is satisfied with just dancing around her playpen. Raven can be seen prancing next to her mom and showing off the new skills she has learned. She goes a few steps forward, then rears her hind legs up and repeats the move until she’s learned it by heart. It really is quite adorable to watch!

But it’s not learning if you don’t fail a few times, and Raven learns that lesson early on. Look closely around the 25-second mark and you’ll see this little girl get so excited that she mistakes a move and slips on her behind rather ungracefully. The mule seems to be a bit embarrassed about the tiny mishap, so she slyly looks around to see if it was witnessed. Happy that she wasn’t caught, she continues with her dancing as if nothing happened. Ah, the joys of being a kid!

This bouncing baby is moving her happy feet to perfection and her adorable performance is hilarious to watch! Judging by the continuous jumping in circles, we can conclude for sure that this joyous mule has so much energy that she prefers bouncing to walking. What a good way to get your daily exercise! Watching this overly-excited mule jumping for joy in her stable enclosure has definitely put a smile on our face. She sure knows how to enjoy her alone time on the farm!

It is amazing how this cutie has no problem with the close human presence as she runs and plays in adorable delight, while filmmaker is capturing her energetic performance on camera. The cheerful mule is dancing like nobody is watching, and tries to tame her hind legs and take control through this impressive dance.

Horses are seen as these valiant, majestic and noble steeds. Their size and stature makes it so that you would not want to mess with anyone riding one. For hundreds of years, humans have been working with horses to accomplish different jobs and tasks so our bond with them is very close. Although we do not use them for those kinds of stuff today, there are still many people that keep horses as companions and show animals. There are even people that breed horses to produce adorable, little foals and mules. These babies are just so adorable that when you see one, your heart instantly melts!

Luckily, the mule wasn’t hurt after she slipped and fell in the wet mud, but she gracefully continued dancing as if nobody saw her fall. Watch as she dances and jumps in this adorable clip!

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  • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

    That was so cute, very funny how she got up, looked around to see if anyone 'busted' her. lol. She quickly made a recovery and resumed her prancing around. So cute.

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  • missvirgule, 2 years ago

    Adorable :-)

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  • DavidMcNab, 37 weeks ago

    That's one happy little horse!

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  • PaulaHedehog20, 37 weeks ago

    exciting horse

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  • jencrumpy, 36 weeks ago

    So cute

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