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Talented Latino Dancing Parrot Demonstrates His Cool Moves

Jerry the dancing parrot knows a thing or two about music. Here we find him dancing to the classic summer song 'Lambada' by Kaoma. Looks like Jerry is ready for summertime! Parrots are highly intelligent animals and can do far more than mimic words. Reportedly, parrots enjoy the music and can often bust a move, because they crave entertainment just like us. Hey, parrots just want to have fun!

This parrot loves dancing to latino music and this performance of a classic summer hit will definitely warm your hearts and urge you to join him on the dance floor! It is amazing just watching at this parrot’s incredible dance skills, the bird moves like it has been taking dancing lessons, with all that head bobbing, wing twirling and happy feet dancing, it will definitely cheer you up!

In addition, parrots dancing depends on the situation. There are some things parrots do that may seem like dancing, but actually aren’t. However, there is one particular behavior parrots show that is in fact dancing. When parrots do a ‘snake’ dance and hiss, that’s usually a territorial warning to try and scare you away. That is not a dance, but more of a scare tactic. When parrots do a rapid head bob, swinging their head side-to-side in quick motion, this is usually how they bring the food up from their crop and into their mouth for feeding other parrots, babies and the humans they love. Note that this usually is a sign of real affection, but is not a dance.

On the other hand, when parrots hear sounds they enjoy they will break into a little dance, including fun head bobs, moving to the beat, running back and forth, side to side, and sometimes they throw a foot or wing in the mix, too. Watch this adorable dancing fellow and you will grasp the point!

There are thousands of hilarious videos with parrots and the following one is just one of them. The lady in this video is a happy owner of a Ringneck parrot named Marnie and he is inexplicably excited to see himself in the mirror. Listen along as has tons of things to say to himself! Once he sees himself in the mirror, he picks up a conversation with himself and it may be the squeakiest one you have heard in years. Who said that talking with yourself sounds crazy? Of course it isn’t. Sometimes we need expert advice!. Talking to his own reflection in the mirror is something that Marnie enjoys the most. He can’t have enough of his charming looks and he supplements it with his funny speech. After a while it becomes like a game for him which he is so deep into. He can go on talking and talking without a break and he is so happy and content with himself. He is bubbly and enthusiastic, constantly busy and lively, allowing little time for rest. We find his antics extremely entertaining. His voice is high-pitched, with a squeaky-squawky repetition. What is he trying to say? Is it giggle, tickle or some other “oral scribble”? Who knows?

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