Twin Girls Have The Most Hilarious Reaction When They Realize They Are Identical

JustinMcClurePublished: October 26, 2016Updated: January 8, 201815,331,798 views
Published: October 26, 2016Updated: January 8, 2018

These little girls are adorable! They are identical twins and are starting to learn what that means. They both look like each other! When they are asked what the word twins means, Alexis says it means adorable, so funny! Almost Alexis, but not quite! They know they have the same birthday and as they look at each other, they are realizing they have the same physical features on their face, so cute! These little girls are hilarious, they continue to look each other taking in everything about the other twins face, so precious!

Alexis starts to have a meltdown when she learns Ava is one minute older. Poor girl, she is sad because she thinks her sister Ava is bigger than she is, don't worry Alexis, you are growing just like your sister. It is so sweet when Ava tells her to stop crying and gives her a big hug comforting her, they love each other so much! It's not over yet, a few moments later, Ava starts to cry because she finds out her sister is a half inch bigger than her, she doesn't think she is growing. Now it is her sisters turn to give her a big hug. These little girls share such a special bond! What a great video!

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    plumberx · 1 year ago

    So Pretty and you guys have two of them. Awesome

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    Too much cuteness! lol