Precious Video Of 19-Day-Old Twins Cuddling Each Other Stole Our Hearts

Published January 2, 2018 214,392 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhat could possibly be cuter than twins sleeping and smiling together? It's like they are dreaming about their own little secret... These 19 days old will make your day! Watching them proves that the bond between twins is virtually unbreakable.

These newborns have barely experienced life outside mommy’s belly, but they know exactly who their best friend is already. We love how they instinctively know their sibling is right there and it gives them such peace and calm to be near them.

It is incredibly sweet to see them comforting each other in their own, particular way. Seeing them like this must have touched a special place in their parents’ hearts. With the moment caught on camera, they have it to cherish forever!

Stories about mysterious connections between twins - and especially identical twins - are ancient and legion. Some say twins share some psychic connection, or even feel each other's pain. There are stories of twins who happened to give birth to baby daughters on the same day, completely by chance, and twins who were separated at birth but reunited years or decades later to find that they both married spouses with the same name and drive identical cars.

Psychic powers have never been scientifically proven to exist, and psychic twins are no exception. However as we move way from science toward anecdotal evidence, we find intriguing parallels between twins.

There's no doubt that the personal bonds between twins - and especially identical twins - can be strong, but there's no evidence that it's mysterious or unexplained. (source: