Beachgoers Help Giant Manta Ray Get Back In The Water

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Published: October 18, 2016

Not everyone is lucky enough to go on a summer vacation. Those who get to visit some exotic country, like Brazil, are ever further apart.

Imagine getting to experience the colors, music and dance on the sandy beaches of Bahia. You get carried away by the music and all of your worries go away. You grab a cocktail and try to enjoy the sun, when suddenly a group of people gather in one spot and they start to chatter in portuguese. A giant Manta Ray has been tangled up in some fishing nets and the people are battling time to save it.

This is what a German-speaking family filmed on July 13, 2016 during their vacation in Brazil.
Fishermen were getting ready for their every-day activities, when they noticed the strange black blob in the nets. Even though it doesn’t look like a helpless creature, this giant dark mass was actually struggling to get free while stranded on a beach.

"There was one fisherman trying to free the stingray [sic] and most people were just watching and taking pictures. My husband and the restaurant owner took the initiative to call more people to help. Everyone that helped was left with hands and legs pretty grated as the stingray skin is very rough. 15 minutes after the animal was freed, we saw another giant stingray jumping on the ocean, and we like to think it was the same stingray happy to be free again. It was a beautiful moment" said a witness of this amazing rescue.

Thanks to the beach heroes who jumped into the water to help haul it back out to sea and remained persistent despite the waves pushing the animal back to shore, the enormous ocean dweller finally had enough strength to escape the incoming tide.

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