Trained Cockatiels Fly Free And Return To Owner On Command

TielZone Published December 9, 2017 4,615 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsFred and Ebe spread their wings and fly around the neighborhood. They are trained for free flight and are free to fly outside for a few hours everyday. However, every time their owner calls for them, the return to him on command. How cool is that?

Doves and pigeons have been domesticated pets for thousands of years. The difference between doves and pigeons is mostly in the size. Doves are typically smaller and sleeker with pointed tails, and pigeons are larger and stouter with rounded tails.

Not all species of parrots are equally good flight candidates. Some have physical features that make them better (large, loud and colorful) and some have mental features that make them better (highly social with strong roosting site fidelity).

No doubt other species that don’t have these qualities can also be flown, but I would consider them only for trainers with some experience. Without any doubt a large, loud and colorful bird is easier to find in a tree or see or hear at a distance. That makes large macaws and large cockatoos good flyers from a recovery standpoint.

Knowing that training a cockatiel takes time and lots of patience, this owner has well-trained his Cockatiels to fly free and return to him on command. The learning process for a cockatiel is not based in hours or days, but more in months. We often hear from people who ask why their cockatiel has not learn anything, as it already has been two weeks since it got home. It takes weeks for a cockatiel just to be safe and comfortable in a new environment. Again time and patience are the key here.

Cockatiels are considered as wonderful household pet and companion parrot. Watch how well-trained these two are and how well they understand their owner’s command. Amazing!