Jealous Dog Is Green With Envy Watching Owner Pet The Cat

Published October 12, 2016 65,026 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhy not show the dog some love? That's exactly what this cute little pooch is thinking to himself as his owner ignores his adorable little plea for a pet on the back and gives all of the attention to the cat instead! How could you say no to this adorable little face?Animal behaviour linked to primordial instinct of jealousy similar to that seen in babies when affection is divided

Video footage shows owner petting a cat, barking and wagging its tail with jealousy. Watch as this needy dog is eaten by the green-eyed monster and growls at the owner in need of attention. Hilarious!

This tiny dog got mad at owner for petting the cat instead of his tiny tummy. The dog snapped at the owner and presented a nasty temper tantrum behavior!

Does this dog look a little green to you? This clip is the best proof that dog is obviously bothered by the cat in the room, and suffers an instant touch of jealousy. Apparently, this emotion isn’t reserved for humans, and jealous dogs may feel neglected. Poor pooch, he needs to learn how to tame that green-eyed monster!

Possessive behavior in dogs is actually quite common. We often see them guarding their favorite toy or sleeping spot, or making sure other pets in the house stay away from their feeding bowl or treat “cookie jar.” In a way, it’s hard to blame them for protecting what they believe belongs to them, and that includes their human.

Jealousy in dogs can occur when you bring in a new pet, start a new relationship, have a baby or when there is any other change in your life which takes your attention away from your dog. Watch as this adorable pooch tries to attract owner’s attention, by whining and wagging his tail. The adorable pooch seems desperate for the human touch and is obviously green with envy!


  • warriorbride, 3 years ago

    CAN'T you pet them BOTH at the same time ? where is your other hand ? lol the dog is just too cute !! awwww

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