Pony Found Being Eaten Alive By Maggots Meets Lady Who Discovered Him

7 years ago

With so many animals being abandoned on a daily basis, it wasn’t hard to imagine that one day a story like this one will surface that will make us wonder, what kind of people are there in the world? Buggy was discovered in a field in West Yorkshire, England, with three other horses, by a woman named Chloe Atkins. Chloe is a supporter of World Horse Welfare, a charity organization that locates and helps rehome abandoned horses.

Chloe spotted the four ponies abandoned in a field, but it was the black-and-white foal that caught her eye. The baby horse was down on the ground with his back facing the road. When Chloe approached the poor animal, she could see his obvious condition - his back was stripped bare and dozens of maggots were feeding off his flesh.

Chloe immediately contacted the charity when she realized he needed urgent help. World Horse Welfare Field Officer, Sarah Tucker, arrived soon after.

Despite their best efforts, Buggy’s owner was never found. If he was left alone like that for a few more days, he most likely would’ve died.

Now Buggy is in good health and his wounds are all healed up. His hair has grown back and he looks absolutely beautiful! Now that he is all better, World Horse Welfare arranged for Atkins to come back and reunite with the pony who she saved.

The video shows the heart-melting moment Chloe is reunited with the baby animal she helped give a second chance at life to. Watching videos like these really brings faith in humanity back!

Credit: World Horse Welfare

YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/horsecharity
Please visit http://www.worldhorsewelfare.org

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