Foal Joins His Owner For Some Sunday Breakfast In The House

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Published: June 24, 2016

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is always important to sit down in the morning and have a nice, hearty meal with the family, especially if your family includes a horse!

As with everything else today, there are different approaches to horse care. While there are still horse owners who swear by traditional, time-tested method, there are those who are very much into the new age stuff. Some owners let their horses live in run-in sheds, so they can have constant access to pasture, while others prefer to keep their horses in stalls at night.
The owner in this here video takes a completely different approach: he allows his pony in the house!

Lucky the horse doesn’t look like he lives inside, but he sure does come in every morning to join his owner for a good start of the day. The foal navigates around the home with care, carefully trots through the living room and into the kitchen.

Having a horse in your house during breakfast might not be for everybody, but it sure seems to work for these two! Lucky’s owner seems to know what he is doing, letting the animal inside his house. The foal certainly demonstrates how calm and level-headed horses can be, even at young ages. Part of this is certainly breeding and inherited temperament. But good handling plays a significant role in this, too.

Still, we wouldn’t recommend you following into this man’s footsteps. It is always a good idea to set some boundaries with your pets, no matter their size.

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