Husky Sparks Protest Refusing To Get Out Of Bed

7 years ago

Zeus the husky is back again with a new tantrum. In every one of his videos he finds something to be fussy about and gets involved into a never-ending argument sometimes winning and sometimes losing. Nevertheless, he is always on the edge of doing the unreasonable and he always knows hot to make the most of the situation he puts himself into.

This time he doesn’t want to get out of bed and as many times before, he sets his iron will and vocal nature in motion. Once he fixates his mind on something, nothing and nobody can change it. He is a real master of sparking protests. It is simply in his Husky nature and you can either accept it or….accept it. There is not a force in this world that can make him think otherwise. Either way it is a win-win situation for him.

Among many favourite spots in his home, today this bed is on the top of the list. He has already decided to roll around in there and doesn’t plan on getting out anytime soon. He doesn’t mind being asked at least six times to get out of bed and to stop being a diva but he just can’t help himself. He does this every time he picks something with which he can humor himself.

Zeus is a real cry baby, throwing tantrums over trivial things. Even the other dogs around the house have learned that he has a thick skull and they do not wish to meddle in his business. And every time he shows his dissatisfaction it is usually for no reason whatsoever. His fuss is almost always accompanied by a prolonged and ear-piercing howl thats is way better than that of the wolves.

But Zeus will be Zeus no matter what.

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