Stubborn Husky Argues About Stealing A Shoe, Trying To Get Away With Crime

Published January 14, 2018 7,330,641 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA sweet video has emerged showing the moment when owner reprimands dog for stealing her shoe and demanding him to give it back. However, the arrogant pooch doesn’t feel guilty at all and even argues for being told off. Hilarious!

Huskies are known to throw temper tantrums about almost anything you can think of, and are also very vocal when they're being denied a yummy treat. In this case, Azlan, the stubborn Husky, is being denied to chew on a tasty shoe!

Owner caught his pooch in the act of stealing one of her tennis shoes and politely demanded Azlan to bring it back. However, when confronted about it, Azlan sure has a lot to say! Watch as the guilty Husky, not feeling regretful whatsoever, howls in protest to being caught red handed and presents a mouthful of arguments to justify his actions! Adorable!

This Siberian husky is engaged in a one-sided heated argument over some delicious chewing toy. He knows he's not getting his way, but you've got to admire him for trying and giving a mouthful to his owner! Who can blame him, everyone would throw a temper tantrum when being denied them delicious tennis shoes, right? So adorable!

This hilarious video perfectly depicts how to get away with theft. Azlan tries to cover up his act of stealing when his owner confronts him about the missing tennis shoe. Watch how he cries and whines over and over again, as mom scolds him for his bad behavior!

Do you think that Azlan is guilty? Watch how this stubborn dog reacts after being put on the spot for questioning. Azlan may not have been caught red handed, but mom sure found proof of his crime! The stubborn Husky howls in protest even if he is as guilty as one can be. Nonetheless he denies it all and goes for one long, vocal argument with the owner.

Eventually, he goes to the other room and brings back the missing tennis shoe back to his owner! What a spoiled pup!