Toddler With Speech Delays Learns First Sign

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Published: September 26, 2016Updated: September 27, 2016

An inspiring video has emerged where a little boy named JJ demonstrates his ability to effectively communicate to his mother. In the video he is saying to his mom that he would like to have some more milk by using baby sign language.

The video shows JJ waving his milk bottle in the air towards his mother, indicating that there is something that he wants from her. Rather than just simply assume that he wants more milk, JJ’s mother gently prompts him to express himself by asking him if he wants more. She takes the bottle out of his hands and asks again if he wants more to encourage him to exercise his communication skills.

Using his hands, JJ then makes the sign for “more” using baby sign language, indicating to his mother that he would like more of something. The sign for “more” in baby sign language involves flattening out your fingers, pressing your thumbs under them to form an O shape, and then pressing your hands together and separating them in a repeating fashion. JJ demonstrates this technique around the five second mark of the video, to which his mother then asks “More? More what? Milk?” to prompt JJ to provide more information about what he would like to have.

At around the eight second mark of the video, JJ then makes the sign for “milk” in baby sign language using his right hand. JJ seems especially proficient at this sign, an indication that his communication skills have been developing well. His mom praises him for his efforts to communicate to her by calling him a good boy. The baby sign language for “milk” is much like the movement one would make when milking a cow, except without the vertical up and down motions you would usually do in real life. Both parent and child seem to be very happy with the outcome of the interaction, and confident in the use of baby sign language.

The video provides a good demonstration on the effective use of baby sign language to assist children who have speech or cognitive difficulties to communicate with their parents and carers. It shows how baby sign language can be used to encourage children to communicate with others, ask for things, and express their emotions without the use of speech.

The mother in the video also demonstrates good communication and active listening skills by not simply giving JJ what she assumes he wants, but by asking him questions and encouraging him to provide more information about what he needs help with. This will help to bolster child’s confidence and help him developing his language and communication skills.

It is an inspiring video that demonstrates the vast learning capabilities of children, and the importance of encouraging children open communication. Hopefully, it will inspire parents of children with speech and cognitive difficulties to try using baby sign language as an effective tool for self-expression.

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