Adorable 9-Month-Old Baby Uses Sign Language With Mom

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Published: May 28, 2017

Every parents eagerly waits for the moment their little one will utter their first word. There have been debates about it: will it be “mama” or “dada”? Oftentimes babies will surprise everyone by saying something completely different for the first time, making it all totally hilarious.

The first word marks the start of a journey in learning, those many parents out there know better than to expect a full sentence from their kid until it reaches at least two years of age. That, however, does not apply to sign language, as this adorable little girl can demonstrate!

Little Bonnie was just 16 weeks old when her parents signed her up for Sing and Sign classes. They allow babies to learn important words through signs and use them when communicating with mama and dada, all through song!

Bonnie’s mom was certainly eager to see how her baby was handling those classes, so she propper up her camera to try and catch little Bonnie signing her first word. She sings to the baby girl “Where is Jessie Cat”, encouraging her to sign.

It works! Mommy’s voice prompts Bonnie to gesture and ask “where” and the girl, dressed in that adorable pink onesie, sings for mommy! These gestures are not traditional sign language, so Bonnie is not using actual words to speak to her mother. But this is an early first step in her education!

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      gypsysnail · 16 weeks ago

      This is wonderful to see! :) I am deaf and very happy to see more people teaching babies (hearing and deaf) to sign. She will talk to deaf people with no probs when shes older :)